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Hey, I’m Marissa!

I’m an Oregon Wedding and Elopement photographer. I believe in equality, justice and love stories for all. I’m a wedding industry disruptor who wants to see to it that all couples feel welcome, all body shapes are celebrated and that couples know they can plan their big day however they want, despite what tradition says.

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Photo by my partner Colin! Edit by Me

Photo by my partner Colin! Edit by Me

Here’s a little more about me

I make a lot of puns and laugh at my own jokes. I eat ice cream straight from the carton. I’m a daily Chai tea drinker and am always up for grabbing food before or after a shoot! In my free time, catch me watching The Office, chasing waterfalls, or rescuing butterflies throughout the Pacific Northwest!

I’m always up for adventure,
fly me anywhere for love!

My Philosophy

I support ALL love because I believe everyone deserves to be loved and love freely with whomever they choose. I believe in loving yourself and the body you're in.

Every love story is unique, so the day you marry your love should reflect that. You deserve to follow your heart, and choose your own adventure for your big day.

Whether you feel most yourself in the forest, in a ballroom downtown, or in the comfort of your own home, I’ll be there to capture your love story in its truest form.


I recognize that I have a lot of privileges that have helped me get to where I am in life, and I believe in using that privilege for good - by giving back, supporting community over competition, and continuing to disrupt the wedding industry from the inside - to see to it that all couples, all bodies, and all identities have a seat at the table, have their voices heard and respected, and feel supported in celebrating their love story their way.

My Photography Approach

My approach favors real moments that capture the unique and real you with a focus on connection. Whether they are loud, vibrant, and playful moments or quiet, intimate, and loving moments - I love them all. Most of my shots are candid and I'll guide you along with fun games and prompts to capture your genuine personality and relationship dynamic between you and your partner.

Camera shy? Don’t worry, I got you! Most of my clients are self-proclaimed “camera shy” folks, so I feel very experienced in getting people comfortable in front of the camera and feeling themselves.

My Editing Style

I don’t edit for my Instagram. I don’t edit for the “likes” and I don’t edit for trends.

When I edit photos, I do have certain aesthetic styles but I cater my editing style to fit the energy and environment of every couple and wedding I photograph. Love stories and relationships are not a one-size-fits-all so I want to make sure your photos reflect your uniqueness and bring out the best in you two. I take into account many factors like color of clothing, lighting, skin tones, time of day, foreground and background colors. Whether your day had the most magnificent rainstorm, the peachiest sunset or somewhere in-between, I strive to edit my photos to feel accurate to your day and to remind you of how your day truly felt.

I know these photos and memories matter most to the people in them, and that’s what matters to me.

Photo by Micky Bones Photography

Photo by Micky Bones Photography

Photo by Kayla Cindy Photography

Photo by Kayla Cindy Photography

My Love Story

I've been with my partner, Colin, for 8 years. He is one of my biggest supporters, makes me laugh, is a great cook, and brings out the best in me. We got married in July 2019 and experienced the ups & downs of wedding planning firsthand. We went from planning a big 100 person wedding (and even put the deposit down for our big venue) to realizing that wasn’t what truly felt like “us”, and instead changed gears for an intimate Oregon forest elopement. We had a teary-eyed first look, a live butterfly release during our ceremony, and romantic portraits in front of a waterfall. I surprised him with a custom song by his favorite band about our love story. I ripped a hole in my dress on a tree root. We ate S’mores by the campfire. It was perfect.

We followed our hearts and I’m so glad we did.

Photo by Dawn Photo

Photo by Dawn Photo

Photo by Dawn Photo

Photo by Dawn Photo

Photo by Dawn Photo

Photo by Dawn Photo

follow your heart

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