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Pennsylvania Bed and Breakfast Wedding

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Battlefield Bed & Breakfast was the sun-filled wintry wedding venue in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania that Los Angeles-based couple, Sabrina and Luke, chose for their intimate wedding this past February. The venue was full of cats (!!!), historical decor sprinkled throughout the bedrooms, quaint details from the teacups to the candles that made you feel right at home, and a light-filled solarium with gold chandeliers which served as the ceremony and reception location for this small, intimate Pennsylvania Bed and Breakfast wedding.

Sabrina crafted her own reversible cape especially for the wedding, one side a black & white intricate pattern, the other side a vibrant purple that matched the wedding colors of their wedding parties. This was one of the ways that Sabrina’s giving nature was so apparent. Everywhere the cape travelled to throughout the wedding day, admiring guests would follow. As soon as a guest started to compliment the cape, Sabrina was quick to untie it from herself and swish the cape onto the fellow admirer - then stood back to watch the eyes light up of her fellow guests as they each spun around in joy sporting the cape.

The details of this wedding were both charming and personal, with a bit of nerdiness that is likely to be appreciated by any Trekkie. In true Sabrina fashion, she got ready in a Star Trek detailed fuzzy robe while joking around with her friends and family. Framed perfectly by the back dip in Sabrina’s dress was a tattoo from tattoo artist Chris Rogers based on his “Element” series - where he designed tattoos for his clients based on the elements that represent them. For Sabrina, these elements were Space, Discovery, and the unknown. For the big reveal (aka the “First Look”) at the ceremony, Sabrina climbed up the stairwell donning her cape then released the cape flowing behind her to the ground as she floated down the aisle confidently towards Luke - while the Star Trek introduction theme song of the Kirk series (or The Original Series for you fans) played.

During the reception there were many heartfelt moments of laughter, some tears, and a whole lot of love. The mother of Luke’s best friend (who has been like family throughout his life) put together a slideshow of photos from Luke’s younger years. Sabrina’s parents surprised her by learning how to play a song and performing it live, with Sabrina’s father playing the trumpet and Sabrina’s mother on the grand piano! Sabrina’s grandfather presented the couple with a small wooden box containing a pair of Canadian maple leaf earrings and a vintage handkerchief - valued mementos that formerly belonged to Sabrina’s Grandmother who had passed away the previous year.

The final moments of the Intimate Bed and Breakfast Wedding were spent exploring the rustic barn on the property of the Battlefield Bed & Breakfast, that is often used as its own wedding venue in the warmer months. Sabrina and Luke ventured up the stairs to behold the beauty of this barn as the weak winter sunlight radiated through the slits in the wood, holding up the sides of the barn. It was truly magical. Sabrina and Luke began to sway with each other hand-in-hand as Sabrina sang delicately to Luke - her partner for life. Sabrina softly sang Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon” and I could not think of a more fitting song for this moment, or this day.

Fly me to the moon.png

Congratulations Sabrina & Luke - it was a true honor to photograph and witness your wedding day!

Live Long & Prosper!


Main photographer: Marissa Solini (That’s me! yay!)

Second photographer: Kayla Cindy

Venue: Battlefield Bed & Breakfast

Dress: Allure Bridals

Suit: Al Weiss

Florist : Cremer Florist

Cake: Karen Rodkey Cakes

Officiant: Sabrina’s Mother!

Caterer: Battlefield Bed & Breakfast