About Me

Photo by Jasmine J Photography - Edit by me

Photo by Jasmine J Photography - Edit by me

Photo by my love, Colin! - Edit by me

Photo by my love, Colin! - Edit by me

Hey, I'm Marissa!

Glad you are here. I’m an Oregon elopement and wedding photographer and I think life is about celebrating experiences, relationships, and passions. Here's a little more about what that means to me.

Nature: I live in Oregon and jump at any chance to go exploring in nature or travel around the country. In my free time, catch me chasing waterfalls through magical Evergreen forests!

Love: I've been with my partner, Colin, for 7 years. We got engaged last summer (he proposed at the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse) and are in the process of planning our own intimate forest wedding! He is one of my biggest supporters, makes me laugh, is a great cook, and brings out the best in me.

Values: I support all kinds of love because I believe everyone deserves to be loved and love freely with whomever they choose. I also believe in loving yourself and the body you're in. I find so much beauty and fulfillment in being able to create a space where people can let their wall down and be comfortable enough to let their genuine emotions and personality shine through!

My photography style: favors real moments that capture the unique and real you. Whether they are loud, vibrant, and playful moments or quiet, intimate, and loving moments - I love them all. Most of my shots are candid and I'll guide you along with fun games and prompts to get you comfortable and feeling yourself. Seeing a couple interact is pure magic to me, how someone lights up when they’re with the one they love.

Art: I have my Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from Oregon State University and paint in my spare time. Recently I traveled to Australia as an international guest artist at an apron festival, where I exhibited my paintings and gave an artist talk! See my art here.

Food: Yes! I'm a big foodie and love trying new foods and bonding with people over our shared appreciation of food. I'm a daily tea drinker - Chai tea and green tea are my favorites. I crave churros and Chinese food on a near 24/7 basis. I'm always up for meeting up and grabbing food before or after a shoot!

If you're reading this and like what you're seeing, then get in touch! and let's make the photo magic happen!