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5% of all wedding, elopement, and session bookings will go towards the following non-profit organizations. 

*When you sign a contract with me - you get to choose which of these non-profits to donate to!*

  • The Trevor Project

    A leading national organization that provides 24/7 crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) young people under 25. Through legislation, litigation and public education, The Trevor Project is also the leading advocate for LGBTQ youth in preventative efforts that address the discrimination, stigma and other factors that place LGBTQ youth at significantly higher risks of suicide.

  • Womenspace

    Based in Lane County (Oregon), Womenspace provides resources, services and programs that empower survivors and that work with communities to end intimate partner violence. They serve thousands of survivors and children from communities of color, tribal communities, LGBTQIA community, survivors with disabilities, men, and the rural communities in Lane County. They have a 24/7 crisis hotline, help with safety planning, legal advocacy, peer counseling and support, economic empowerment, career counseling, and a safe shelter for those who need it.

  • National Forest Foundation

    Nationally-based, this Foundation roots its efforts in educating and engaging communities in forest conservation and nature preservation. They have many programs that have aided in tree planting across the country, including reforesting efforts in areas of California that have been devastated by recent wildfires. Other nonprofits, tribes, and universities can apply through the National Forest Foundation’s Grant program to receive funding to support action-oriented projects that directly enhance the health and well-being of America's National Forests and Grasslands and that engage the public in stewardship.

  • Adelante Mujeres

    Oregon-based, this nonprofit organization provides resources to Latina women and their families with many programs. Their support includes education programs for adults and children alike, the Empresas program dedicated to small business development for Latino immigrant entrepreneurs, and the Immigrant Solidarity Project to identify community needs of immigrants and provide support and resources. Adelante Mujeres is also working with participants from communities of color to conduct specific, hands-on leadership training to better equip them to engage in county government decision making and to actively participate in civic life in the county.

  • The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation

    Named after the extinct Xerces Blue Butterfly, this international nonprofit works with scientists, educators, policymakers, farmers, and citizens to protect the world’s invertebrates and its habitats. Their core programs focus on habitat conservation and restoration, species conservation, protecting pollinators, contributing to watershed health, and reducing harm to invertebrates from pesticide use. The Xerces Society is currently in the middle of an international campaign to “Save the Monarchs” to help save the Monarch Butterfly species and hopefully reverse the 99.4% decline in the Monarch population that’s occurred since the 1980s.


Why I Donate

Back in April of 2019 I decided that one of the big changes I was making to my business was to find a way to give back. I put a lot of research into which non-profit organizations I chose, finding a variety of both local (to Oregon) non-profits as well as organizations serving on national and international levels. Each non-profit organization aligns with my values on a personal level and as a business, and are providing incredible resources to those in need.

With everything going on in our world it can feel overwhelming at times on where to direct your time, money, energy or support. I was running into the same dilemma too. For me, it gave me a little bit of hope to realize that every time I received a booking - I could take a little bit of that love I felt and send it back into the world to organizations that were serving vulnerable communities, people, environments, and wildlife. It is far from the only way I can (and do) help, but now that it’s a part of my business, it’s here to stay for good.

I do recognize that I have a lot of privileges that have helped me get to where I am in life, but I believe in using that privilege for good - by giving back, supporting community over competition, and continuing to disrupt the wedding industry from the inside - to see to it that all couples, all bodies, and all identities have a seat at the table, have their voices heard and respected, and feel supported in celebrating their love story their way.

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